My daughter Amy didn’t just walk into a room… she entered it with a “TA DA!!” Bags down, would kick her shoes off and then the chatting would commence. Always something to say, a funny story to relate, hugs to be had.

She LOVED food!! Wanted to learn to cook. Loved all things Italian, like her mum she loved pasta. A spaghetti neopolitan followed by a bowl full of ice cream would make a perfect meal for Amy. Mussels, calamari covered in lemon… never afraid to try new things.

Ice cream was her biggest love. If she could have been the official taster for Ben and Jerry’s she most certainly would have. I would have loved to have been able to give her the ice cream maker that I was thinking of buying for her 14th birthday. But I truly believe she is able to taste and enjoy all the flavours where she is now.

She enjoyed trying all types of food. But was just as happy sitting down on a Sunday having a traditional roast or an English shepherds’ pie. Something that I have yet to make again since I have lost her. It just doesn’t seem the same. She should be here stirring the mince and adding the tomatoes, but she is not.

A water babe, that was my Amy.

She loved the sea, swimming pool, paddling pool and, if nothing else, at least to splash around in puddles in her pink wellies. Her first little costume had the little mermaid on the front. That could so easily have been her.

She had many friends… always a good confidante to them. Would never betray their secrets. She stuck up for her friends. It would be Amy that many of them would turn to if they needed to feel better. I guess I did too. Because I sure felt better when I was in her company!

Amy and Donald, our cat.. so close! She absolutely adored him and he her. Whenever Amy saw our neighbour’s little puppy, Hunny Bunny, her eyes would light up. Big squeezes, Amy would have kept her all day for cuddles if she could.

Music… another of Amy’s loves. Her favourite artists towards the end were Adele, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift. She had a massive crush on Aston from JLS and a soft spot for Harry from One Direction. She loved the X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Britain’s Got Talent. If there was a phone line from heaven she would have voted for Pudsey! Ant and Dec were her favourite TV presenters. Always made her laugh during I’m a Celebrity.

Quite a little scholar, she was actually very good at writing poetry. Words just flowed so easily from Amy, like I said before, she always had something to say.

A beautiful, fun loving little girl I could write about her all day. Such a mixed bag of loveliness, my little Amy… my little star x


Video tributes:

Amy attended Bishop Fox’s School in Taunton just before she died.

Here is a wonderful video tribute made by Amy’s friends and teachers.