We think that an important way of promoting safer driving is by educating drivers, especially young drivers, about the consequences of dangerous driving.

We promote education in a variety of ways, including:

  • educational talks
  • educational films

Educational talks

The talks given by Jane Hofmeister on ‘choice and consequence’ have had a powerful effect on all who have heard them. In them, Jane talks about what happened to Amy because of the choices made by the drivers responsible for her death, and the impact this has had.

Jane not only gives talks for Think Amy, she is also a regular speaker with:

Jane Hofmeister speaking at Learn2Live presentation, South Devon College

Jane Hofmeister speaking at Learn2Live presentation, South Devon College

Many of the talks are given in schools and colleges. In 2014-15,  Jane gave educational talks to 11 different schools and colleges in Somerset, attended by around 2,000 students and staff.

Feedback from the talks shows they do make people think about how they drive. This also has a ripple effect, as those who attend the talks tell others about what was said and how it affected them.

We are looking for opportunities to extend the reach of Think Amy’s education programme beyond Somerset. We are interested in hearing from schools with children in Year 11, sixth-form colleges and University student unions in England and Wales that are interested in a talk by Think Amy, or possible in partnership with a local Road Safety Team or Road Safety charity.

Contact us if you would like to know more.

Educational films

There is no doubt that the talks given by Jane Hofmeister in person have the most powerful effect on the audience. But clearly there is a limit to the number of talks Jane can give herself.

The charity is therefore developing a range of short educational films and pre-recorded talks given by Jane to deliver messages about safer driving.


We were inspired to enter Kingston Smith’s Creative Vision Award for Charities 2015 competition, to have a short film made to promote the charity’s work. Although Think Amy did not win the competition, the very positive feedback we received from the judging panel on our film vision gave us the incentive to seek other ways of getting our film made.

We were delighted when a Bristol-based video media company, Bearpit Media, offered to help us make the film.

Filming is due to start in November 2015 and we will be sharing the final product once it is complete.

Educational talk to students at The Space, Taunton

We were delighted when The Space Performing Arts College in Taunton agreed to film a talk given by Jane Hofmeister to their students in October 2015. We look forward to seeing the final edited version, which we can then use:

  • at events, especially schools and colleges, when Jane is unavailable to attend
  • to send to corporate partners, UK Road Safety Teams, Road Safety charities, school, colleges or other organisations for use as part of educational talks they deliver
  • as an online resource to be made available for download or live streaming online via YouTube or our website

Think Amy has previously collaborated with local performing arts colleges who expressed an interest in supporting the charity’s work.

Here are links to some of the films students have made, inspired by Think Amy:

Richard Huish College, Taunton: Jane Hofmeister talks about her daughter Amy and the Think Amy campaign

The SPACE, performing arts college in Taunton (a series of films made for a road safety competition, awarded first place):

Road Safety Film (Part 1)

Road Safety Film (Part 2)

We are interested in hearing from colleges (and others) that would like to work with us to provide an opportunity for their students to produce an educational film for the charity, involving scripting, staging, performing and filming. Not only would this provide Think Amy with educational films at relatively low cost, it supports the students’ performing arts education whilst also teaching them about safer driving.

We believe that the more that young people are involved in producing the films, the more likely they are to fully engage with and learn from the charity’s message, and the more likely that the films will appeal to people of their age group.

Contact us if you would like to know more.


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