On Amy’s 4th Anniversary, I asked if family, friends, work collegues, businesses and people who live and work within the Taunton community, and in the extended community on social media, would light a candle to remember my Daughter Amy and all victims of road death… and boy did they!

I am absolutely overwhelmed by what took place! Candles were lit not only in Taunton, where Amy was killed, but in various places throughout the UK and across the world!

It’s hard to put into words what it felt like to see picture after picture of beautiful tributes from so many people. From those who remember Amy, from those who wish to remember loved ones they have lost, and from those who share our wish to remember and honour all victims of road death and promote safer driving.

It was incredible to see pictures of floating candles across a river in Vietnam, a gorgeous sun break with a candle and remembering Amy card on a table in Spain, a candle lit high up a mountain in New Zealand… flowers placed and a candle lit in Australia, Canada, Italy, Cyprus, Holland, the list goes on…amazing!

I feel at a loss to find the right and adequate words to express my thanks to every single person who joined in, shared the message with their friends and family across the world and helped me and the Think Amy charity promote safe driving.

I have said in the past ‘together we can make a difference’.

Yesterday proved that to me… we can… and we will.

We will make Remembering Amy and all victims of road death an annual event.

We have gathered in all of the pictures and posts that you have sent and put them together in an album on our new ‘Remembering Amy‘ page.

Please continue to always
Think Life…Think Safety…Think Amy

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart…Jane x