We believe that the most effective way to spread Think Amy‘s safer driving message to the widest audience is by working with others who share our goal to make our roads safer for everyone.

This is why an important part of the charity’s work is to develop relationships with the police and emergency services, road safety organisations and corporate partners with an interest in safe driving.

The motor industry


Our no1 partnership objective is to be funded by the UK motor industry who spend millions on driver and passenger safety features.

We are asking for a long term commitment of £1 per vehicle invested into the Think Amy Drive Safe for Life Driver Education Programme.


The police


We are working closely with Chief Inspector Yan Georgiou (Avon and Somerset Police, Tri Force Specialist Operations) to achieve our mutual goal of promoting safe driving.

This includes featuring Think Amy in Avon and Somerset Constabulary’s 2015 Christmas drink and drug driving campaign: ‘Operation Tonic 2015’.


The fire service


Think Amy has established good working links with the Devon and Somerset fire service.

For example, Jane Hofmeister has joined the ‘Learn 2 Live‘ presentation team as one of their speakers.

‘Learn2Live’ is a true partnership. It involves representatives from Local Authority Road Safety Teams, Fire & Rescue Service, Police, Paramedics, Family Liaison Officers, Consultants as well as family speakers to deliver hard hitting presentations to young people about the consequences of driving dangerously and driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Here are some examples of feedback from Jane’s talk as part of a Learn2Live presentation at South Devon College on 3 November 2015:

Thank you for taking the time to talk to South Devon College students today. My son Josh was one of them. it really impacted on him and he urged me to search for your page. So sorry for your loss (Fiona Barker, Mother)

So many students have talked about the campaign and how it has affected them. Thank you for sharing your story and for such courage through your personal tragedy (Sam Kite, teacher)


Road safety organisations


From its early beginnings, Think Amy has had a successful and mutually beneficial working relationship with Somerset Road Safety, a member of Road Safety GB.

Road Safety GB is a national road safety organisation that includes representatives from groups across the UK, such as local government road safety teams.

Jane Hofmeister is a regular speaker at Somerset Road Safety’s educational talks at schools and colleges across the county.

Building on the success of Think Amy’s partnership working with Somerset Road Safety, we are looking to develop similar relationships with other members of Road Safety GB.


Transport companies

Bus, coach and taxi companies clearly have an interest in safe driving. In Somerset, Think Amy has already established links with the buses of Somerset (who carry the Think Amy car stickers on many of their vehicles) and with several taxi firms, who do the same.

We believe there is great potential for working with many more transport companies in Somerset and UK wide


Driving schools

New drivers are one of Think Amy’s target audiences. What better way to influence driver behaviour and attitudes towards safe driving than to teach it from the outset.

A number of driving schools around Somerset carry the Think Amy car stickers on their vehicles. We are looking to extend this to driving schools in other areas.

This YouTube post shows what one driving school in Somerset (Kelvin White) had to say about Jane Hofmeister and Think Amy


Insurance companies

One of the best ways to teach good attitudes and behaviour is to provide an incentive.  A number of insurance companies offer reductions in premiums for customers willing to use good driving apps.

We are exploring the potential to develop a Think Amy online learning pack to promote safer driving for use by insurance companies. Our aim would be that in return for a customer completing the online learning the company will offer a discount on their car insurance premium.


Haulage companies: There are hundreds of haulage companies operating in the UK. Their vehicles travel up and down UK’s roads day and night and all have a vested interest in ensuring that their drivers arrive at their destination safely.

Think Amy is exploring opportunities to work with UK haulage companies to assist in their driving education programmes and to carry the Think Amy car stickers on their vehicles.


Get in touch: We are interested in hearing from organisations that share our interest in promoting safer driving.

Contact us if you are interested in displaying the Think Amy car stickers on your organisation’s vehicles, or would like to help us spread our safe driving message in other ways.

More about our work

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