Think Amy’s primary purpose is to promote safe driving.

We use all general monies we receive to further that purpose.

We sometimes carry out specific fundraising events as a way of giving something back to the Taunton community, without whose support the Think Amy campaign would not have got off the ground so quickly. Money we raise specifically at those events are used for a charitable purpose for the benefit of people in Taunton.

Decisions about which causes to benefit will be made by the charity’s trustees, with a preference for causes that assist children and young people in Taunton. This is in recognition of the fact that Amy was only 13 when she was killed and was denied the opportunity to fulfil her ambition to become a teacher. She loved children.

In the 2013-14, Think Amy raised £10,000 for much needed specialist equipment for the high dependency unit of the children’s ward at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital. And in 2014-15 we added an extra £5,000 to this, helping to take the children’s ward close to its £27,000 target.