Think Amy is asking as many people as possible to come to Blackbrook Way, Taunton at 7pm on 15th June 2016 to attend the Think Amy 5 memorial event.

The purpose of the event will be to gather and peacefully remember Amy Hofmeister, who, on 15th June 2011, was killed on Blackbrook Way by two drivers racing each other at motorway speeds in that quiet residential area.

Each year in the UK, around 1,800 people are killed on our roads. On the 5th anniversary of Amy’s death, the charity is therefore asking as many people as possible to gather and remember Amy and all victims of road death.

The event will also acknowledge the work of members of the police, fire and ambulance services who will be in attendance and who do so much to help those involved in road traffic collisions.

Amy was killed at approximately 7.30pm and so, around that time, there will be a one minute’s silence.

By supporting this event you will be taking part in a peaceful and powerful act of remembrance which will also promote Think Amy’s safe driving message.

Thank you